Legally establishing the paternity of a child can help provide social, economic and emotional ties between a father and his child. You can also ensure that the child receives the same rights and privileges as every other child, including inheritance rights, access to the father's medical and life insurance benefits, and access to Social Security and veterans' benefits.

All legal DNA results are reviewed and reported by an Accredited AABB Lab, providing you results that are court admissible.

It is always recommended that the mother be included in any test - either paternity or relationship - as it helps the overall statistical percentage of the results.

Note: NYSDOH - New York State Law, regulates that DNA testing completed in the state of NY can only be done by accredited laboratories by the NYSDOH, and such test have to be accompanied by a doctor's script (orders) Court order or an Immigration request from an authorized agency (USCIS/Embassy, etc).