USCIS or US Embassy recommends DNA Genetic Testing be performed by an AABB Accredited laboratory as part of the immigration process to prove biological relationship between petitioner and beneficiary when documentation evidence is not sufficient.

The testing facility is in accordance with the American Association of Blood Banks(AABB) and the United States Department of State standards and procedures of DNA sample collection for Immigration purposes.

Examples of DNA tests used for immigration purposes include Paternity tests, Maternity tests, Siblingship tests, and Grandparentage tests.

AABB requirements:
  • Our laboratory schedules petitioner’s appointment at a convenient location in the United States
  • Our laboratory ships DNA sample collection kits to the US Embassy of the country of origin for the beneficiary’s sample collection appointment
  • Samples of the beneficiary are collected and shipped back to our laboratory in the United States for process
  • Results are ready in 2 business days from the day the samples arrive at the lab and once they are revised and certified by our AABB Accredited lab. The originals reports are shipped to the requesting agency
  • Copies of results and confirmation of delivery are given to client

If biological evidence such as DNA genetic testing was recommended by the U.S. Embassy or USCIS office processing your immigration case, or Embassy/Consulate, a copy of the written request is needed to start your case. It typically contains the following:

  • Document requesting order from agency with case number
  • The names of the persons to be tested (petitioner & beneficiary)
  • The type of relationship to be tested (Paternity, Maternity, etc)
  • Contact information of the beneficiary overseas